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dogfish accelerator demo day

As an indie filmmaker, it can be exceptionally difficult to raise money for your project — to say nothing of finding the proper channels for distribution and the most effective means of marketing what is, for all intents and purposes, your baby. Dogfish Accelerator aims to change all this by connecting filmmakers and their films with investors in a new way, taking the tech startup model and applying it to indie film. Last week they held their first Demo Day, where filmmakers got to showcase their films for investors. Here’s more about Dogfish, the accelerator model, and what it could do for you and your film!  More »

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Slated - Duncan Cork and Stephan Paternot

Film financing is moving online and the new platform Slated might just be the main impetus for ushering in a new generation of film finance, professional social networking, and smart opportunities for investors and filmmakers. Slated launched this last at Sundance and has since ‘aggregated film investors representing hundreds of millions of dollars’ and has forged partnerships with some of the world’s leading financing, sales, and film companies. Aided by precision design, comprehensive user verification, ease of use, and an emphasis on clarity, Slated provides a world-class website experience that really has something to say about the future of our industry. To discuss the platform and its function in the industry is Duncan Cork, CEO and co-founder of Slated and the man responsible for its initial vision. Read on to get the scoop. More »