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How do I become a music video director? How did you get into this? Whose door do I knock on? That’s not the right way to think about it. You should really just grab a camera and shoot stuff and wait till it’s good enough for people to notice.

Being exposed to first hand knowledge and advice from those also on the filmmaking journey is vitally important when it comes to developing your craft, regardless of how far along in your career you are — it’s pretty much this ethos which saw our very own Koo put out the DSLR Cinematography Guide. As last month’s Fidgit Box interview with William McGregor demonstrated, advice from a peer can be of more practical use than the wisdom gleaned from cinema’s master practitioners as it often contains insights you can put into practice here and now, as opposed to filing it away for that elusive day when you direct your first multi-million dollar feature. Episode 1 of the new documentary web series The Videographers Guide aims to share this type of knowledge through its interviews with working music video directors: More »