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I am partial to Nikon lenses, and I’ve often recommended them to many people for cost alone, but if you’ve got some money to spend, Zeiss certainly makes one of the best Nikon mount lenses. If you choose to cinemod them, you’ve got the next best thing to a PL mount lens. LockCircle, maker of the LockPort and the LockCircle Body Cap, is getting into the cinemodding game with some interesting products. The first is X-Circle, a semi-permanent lens mount that not only provides a solid F to EF mount adapter to the rear of the lens, but turns the lens 90 degrees to make the lens information more accessible. They also introduced PrimeCircle XT, a complete Zeiss ZF cinemod including de-clicked aperture, and PrimeCircle Ring Kits, a DIY lens mod that allows you to add a professional follow focus ring and standard 95mm front mount yourself. More »