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Breaking your ankle in two places? Fun. Breaking it after you've just finished six months of shoulder rehab? Even more fun!

It's not really swollen much anymore, although it was a week ago. You didn't need to see that, though. In fact, you didn't need to see my foot at all. Sorry.

I wrote "hilarity ensues" in the description of this site because I figured there'd be a lot of obstacles preventing me from establishing a film career in NYC, and it'd be fun to document them. I didn't expect that breaking my foot before I even got to New York would be one of them, though.

EMPLOYER: Hello, is this Mr., um...?
ME: Bilsborrow-Koo, yes.
E: Right. We received your resume and we'd like to get you in for an interview next week.
M: Ahhh... I can't really do that, see, because I have to elevate and ice my foot five times a day right now, and, well, I can't really travel 500 miles--
E: I don't see where on your resume it says that you're an unhealthy bastard.
M: I shoulda known from the kids! They called me Mr. Glass!
E: I thought it was Mr. Bilsbor-whatever.
M: It is. I could probably make it up there in, say, a month?
E: Hahahahahahahaha.

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This picture reminds me of that scene in "Good Morning, Viet-nam" when Robin Williams goes into the GI bar with Forest Whitiker and the owner of the place keeps asking for naked pictures of Yuel Brinner. Then later in the film, he asks Robin Williams for pictures of "them sexy GI ankles." Or maybe I'm just thinking about that particular scene since I just showed "Good Morning Viet-nam" to my girlfriend two days ago. Either way, you got some sexy (albeit, swollen) GI (or in this case, civilian) ankles. Feelin' your pain....

September 25, 2005 at 9:15AM, Edited September 4, 7:12AM