November 13, 2005

Demo Reel online

After six months of writing reactionary blog posts, with nary a video posted to demonstrate my filmmaking prowess, I have finally uploaded my 2005 Demo Reel, which I will now commence shopping around.

This site is named No Film School because it's supposed to document what's it like to try to establish yourself as a filmmaker without going to film school. Yet most of my posts here have been about pop culture--not film theory, or career struggles, or really anything relevant. So, finally, a topical post on this site!

The demo reel is meant to demonstrate your abilities as an editor, cinematographer, or animator--or, in my case, all three--and is usually more important than your resume, education, or personality. Often it trumps anything that would typically matter if you were trying to get a normal, non-film job; the exception is connections, which are even more important than the reel, and which I lack above all else. One of the reasons some people go to film school is to make connections, which in my mind is not a good reason to go to any school.

For my reel I stuck fairly closely to the tried-and-true demo reel formula, which goes like this: cut a visual montage of your best material together and set it to a fast-paced song of the electronica variety, lasting about three to four minutes. Alternately, if you have outstanding material, you can choose a more dramatic, slower song, and hope that you stand out from the crowd precisely because you have veered from the established formula. I, however, did not. This time.

The first song is by The Chemical Brothers (I chopped it up a bit) and the second is by M.I.A., whose work also graces the new Honda Civic commercial, as I recently discovered. Because the idea of a reel is to make it as commercial as possible, and because she has a song featured in a mainstream ad right now, I must therefore be commercially viable, right? Even though I'm told that MTV won't play her video because she mentions the PLO.

Above all else your reel is supposed to demonstrate craft; there's not a lot of art or meaning in these things. So don't expect anything other than me trying to show that I've done a lot of stuff, especially given my age (or lack thereof) and the budgets I've had (or not had). But if you've ever wondered if I have any abilities besides writing opinionated reactions to things I've seen/read/heard, here's your chance to actually watch something. More to come.

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looks good to me. My only connection is my brother in ATL His work on the Iron Mascot Marathon is legendary. At the least, I think he could show you around R!OT and show you what he does.

November 15, 2005 at 11:24PM, Edited September 4, 10:12AM