So much for the city

These days I'm staying with a college buddy in Connecticut. It's not quite New York, but it's a hell of a lot closer than North Carolina, and I've been periodically hopping the train into the city. Additionally I've started writing for DVguru, a film technology blog (on my way up to NYC last month to pursue a gig that seems never to have materialized, I saw this post and figured I'd apply). Summer has been rearing its head occasionally in these parts, with a warm day followed by a cold week, and my job search has followed suit--things seem to briefly heat up, and then promptly cool off. Hurry up and wait. Regardless, I will have more to contribute to the actual storyline of this site ("Ryan Bilsborrow-Koo tries to start a film career in New York") soon. Stay tuned.

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Ryan Billsborrow-Koo? I believe?

Long story short, I am the number one fan of the movie, "It's On"...Reduced Phat Productions? It's been a mystery... but i believe the fim belongs to you? Yeah, you don't need to go to film school... its the funniest movie.


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Who are you?

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Ryan Koo