September 29, 2006

Search engine optimization

Internet searches that resulted in a visit to this site:

"filmschool or no filmschool"
"without film school"
"film school complaint"
"evaluation of the movie the 40 year old virgin"
"crash was a bad movie"
"paul haggis sucks"
"short shorts"
"really short shorts"
"andre iguodala computer background"
"freakonomics shithead"
"does your chain hang low"
"ass shaking for money"
"screen sex"
"people having sex in school"
"is there any porn websites that show people actual having sex"
"what does human resources mean"
"i love it when you call me big pappa"

Of course, now that I've specifically written about the above phrases, I'll get even more searches for them. Perhaps I can become the internet authority on "ass shaking for money." Ass shaking for money. Ass shaking for money. Ass shaking for money.

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