April 3, 2008

Tres bien

"Very good" in French means "three well" in Spanish. It's almost a pun, and almost relevant because we've just released Episode Three (tres!) of our Urban Western, The West Side. Sorry, I had to come up with a post title other than "Episode Three," and figured I'd use my extensive knowledge of foreign languages to do so.

The same goes for Episode Three as did Two, so I'll just change some numbers and quote what I said about the last one:

Episode Three of The West Side is finally live, a long four months after we posted the last; blame Murphy’s Law. Be sure to start with Episode One if you haven’t seen it. If you have an iPod or iPhone (or you use iTunes), subscribe to our podcast in iTunes and get new episodes automatically. Episode Four should be up in much shorter order.

Except Episode Four won't be up in much shorter order, as we don't already have any scenes in the can for this one (as we did with Three). As detailed on The West Side blog, this is both a blessing and a curse; so it goes. At least I already have a post title ready for the next time: Cuatro Bien.

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