December 26, 2008

Seen: America 3.0

One of the reasons I believe film school is less compulsory today is the increasing availability of course syllabi, lecture notes, and lectures themselves available online, not just from film schools but from educational institutions all over. I'm never arguing against school or education in general, I'm just saying that in many cases, paying a lot of money to go to a specialized/grad school may not be the best investment for an individual who is already highly motivated to work in that sector. One understandably needs to go to medical school to be a doctor, or law school to be a lawyer, but film school is an entirely different matter.

Anyway, while I talk about the economy and not-so-subtly suggest that my own layoff was a direct result of the highest levels of republican mismanagement, I want to embed a wide-ranging lecture on the economic crash and the subsequent "reboot" of America, by USC professor Jon Taplin, himself a former film producer (hat tip to the Filmmaker Magazine blog).

It covers a lot of ground and points fingers at all the usual targets, but it's a nice compendium of the problems we currently face as a declining empire, and is a perfect representation of the distributed education of which I speak. Plus, for those of us who've recently found ourselves with more time on our hands (via job loss), it can't hurt to have more stimuli with which to work the brain muscle, right?

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nice link... I watched in its entirety. it's sobering -- that pile o' credit card debt is near-titanic....
anyway, I enjoyed the cautious optimism at the end.. nowhere was art mentioned! what ever happened to the 'creative class' ? (kidding).

January 3, 2009 at 1:52PM, Edited September 4, 10:14AM