September 11, 2009

Seen: Run Away by The Real McCoy

Yeah, that's right -- I'm posting this. Why? Because who knew an unreleased music video for a piece of quintessential '90s schlock could be so prescient?

Director Nigel Dick's video for The Real McCoy's 1995 dance-floor hit "Run Away" was deemed "too dark" by the band's label, which isn't surprising given how much of a disconnect there is between the setting of the video and the kinds of places this song was presumably played. But a '90s dance song seemingly so culturally relevant at a moment where "Foreclosures, Bankruptcies Up" is the headline every day is a bit unexpected. So here it is, an Orwellian (in an Apple commercial kind of way) video interpretation of a club track in which defeated workers toil under the watchful eye of Big Brother: if that doesn't get the hips gyrating, what will?

Maybe this just struck a nerve because, after three years living in Manhattan's East Village (most of that spent working a day job, under the watchful eye of... well, MTV's parent Viacom might as well be Big Brother), I've moved out. Where to? I don't know yet. As the lyrics in the song state (along with the videoboard), "Keep the faith."

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