October 28, 2009

RADAR Season 2: Undetermined Measurements

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Zack and I directed, and I DP'd, the first episode of RADAR Season 2, which kicks off today with the episode "Undetermined Measurements." Check out the episode below, and stay tuned to RADAR for future episodes; Zack and I also directed another forthcoming episode in Season 2, and a number of very talented directors helmed the others. Thanks to Lance Weiler, Alex Johnson, Janine Saunders, and the rest of the RADAR crew!

RADAR is produced by WBP Labs in partnership with Babelgum; the show highlights innovative projects and events across different creative disciplines, hangs with creators and founders, and digs deep into process, method and participation.

Ten people dressed in stark white “clean suits” and masks disperse amongst picnickers, inspecting the ground in sunny Central Park. Heads turn, unsure, and people start asking questions. Undetermined Measurements is an ongoing performance and documentation project. During each phase of the interventionist series volunteers gather, dress in protective clothes and silently engage with the audience in a non-confrontational manner. Why are they there? The question is left open ended, expressing the ever-changing perception that the United States has transformed from a unique symbol of freedom to a more fragile and fearful representation of uncertainty. We follow Sean Hovendick and his team as he takes Undetermined Measurements to NYC for the first time.

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