December 3, 2009

RADAR Season 2: Google Maps Road Trip

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The second episode of RADAR that I directed and DP'd with Zack is live today. Check out the episode below, and stay tuned to RADAR for future episodes on cutting-edge arts and culture.

Whether it’s stretching 1500ft of extension cords from his kitchen to a park to make coffee for passers-by, spending a year dining with strangers across the US, or helping others run errands with the use of a mule to cheer them up, Marc Horowitz’s work revolves around culture jamming, social practice… and just making people feel good. When fan Peter Baldes approached him about doing a cross country road trip the two strangers decided to complete it virtually instead, driving all the way from LA to Virginia…on Google Maps, using the arrow keys to ‘drive’. With a host of ‘back-seat’ drivers joining them and a commitment to keeping close to reality the two toured the country for nine days. We join Marc and Peter as they take their project live for the first time in front of a real-life audience.

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