February 1, 2010

Seen: The Barefoot Professor

This doesn't have anything to do with filmmaking, but this video from NatureVideo just felt right, and so I was compelled to share it.

If you're not convinced, check out the fascinating Harvard study for more.

As a little boy running carefree through the North Carolina mountains -- barefoot -- I was the fastest kid in summer camp. But then somewhere along the way I started developing foot and ankle problems, slowed down, and started wearing built-up orthotics as a result. Orthotics just don't feel right, however. I could go into more personal experiences, but because that would be TMI, suffice to say that I'm going to pursue this barefoot running thing doggedly. So keep a look out your window, as I might be that dude running through your neighborhood in stupid-looking shoes.

Tomorrow: back to the topic at hand (not foot). Zing! Sorry about that.

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