August 31, 2014

Darren Aronofsky On Stories & How Movies Affect Us

Back in July, a number of filmmakers and scientists participated in an event in Hollywood called "Movies in Your Brain: The Science of Cinematic Perception." These panels focused on how we perceive movies and how they affect us emotionally and scientifically, and in the most recent clip seen above, writer/director Darren Aronofsky and psychologist/neuroscientist Jeffrey M. Zacks talk about stories and how movies affect us. If you missed the last clip we shared from this event with Walter Murch and Jon Favreau, here it is:

I think it's fascinating to think about movies as being more than just being a somewhat passive form of entertainment, because our brains are really doing a ton of work to take in and decipher all of the visual information that's being thrown at us. If you're a storyteller, you're always trying to connect with audiences in one way or another, and it's interesting that there are real, chemical processes going on in the brain and in the body that happen as a direct result of watching movies.

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Opps cat out of the bag moment...

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