Canon's 9-Camera Array Makes an Amazing 360° Rig Out of the C300 Mark II

In the theme of 360°/VR video at NAB this year, Canon has partnered with Radiant Images to make an intimidatingly cool rig for the C300 Mark II.

Preferred by some for its pixel quality, Amanda from Radiant Images makes a strong case for the Canon C300 Mark ii's application in VR. Clocking in at 12K resolution after being stitched together (6k when split in half for half-dome projection), all nine cameras are synced through timecode and genlock and are connected to a LANC controller. See it for yourself in the video above.

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I honestly can't distinguish which NAB news is real from some of the trolling on social media

April 28, 2017 at 7:08AM, Edited April 28, 7:08AM