September 12, 2022

Storyblocks Launches Member Library Partnership

Storyblocks Stock Footage moves to an all you can eat model
Unlimited Access to Royalty-Free Stock Footage, Coupled with Revenue Sharing for Contributors

Responding to the unique, but varied needs of their customers, stock footage company Storyblocks is evolving its media asset service with the launch of a new Member Library Partner Program. The new program will provide unlimited access to the library of stock footage, at flexible royalty-free licensing levels, while at the same time providing a growing revenue stream for content creators looking to share their own footage. This move better aligns Storyblocks with the current trend in the stock footage game, while giving content creators another revenue stream for much of their unused B Roll.

"The Member Library Partner Program puts us in the unique position to provide diverse, high-quality stock media that the mass creative class demands while providing an earnings boost for our contributor community, and allowing them to better share in our success over the long run," said TJ Leonard, CEO of Storyblocks. 

Storyblocks appeals to mobile centric video users

Storyblocks saw that they needed to evolve their business model, and Storyblocks CEO TJ Leonard stated that to meet the needs of the new, more mobile-centric audience,  Storyblocks had to pivot. Not only to attract new clientele who would subscribe to their stock footage service, but also content creators who would choose their service to showcase their own stock footage for licensing. "... you cannot pivot an old approach to meet the needs of a new audience," Leonard added, "and so we have created an approach that reflects the freedom, flexibility, and choice required by today's digital storytellers."

The Member Library Partnership replaces the old pay-per-clip marketplace, leaving their all you can eat subscription service as the main way to access the stock footage catalog. Storyblocks made this move after determining that less than 5% of Storyblocks subscribers ever used the pay per clip option. Eliminating the PPC option also eliminates additional fees that came from paying ala carte, and filters that excluded those clips in each library.  Now all clips are available for one monthly fee, royalty-free. 

Here's how the new Member Library Partner Program breaks down. For contributors who license their content, they submit their stock footage to Storyblocks and will earn revenue based on the popularity of the clip as it is downloaded by Storyblocks 180,000 active members who may be YouTube creators, freelance editors, and even hobbyists looking to add a bit of zing to their movies. 

The more the clip is licensed, the more the contributor makes.  All content submitted to Storyblocks is also non-exclusive, so content creators can utilize a shotgun approach, distributing their clips through other services as well. Creators can also upload or remove content at any time without approval. Storyblocks will also adjust the earnings rate card depending on how many contributors are utilizing their service. 

Storyblocks also plans to phase in the new partner program, working with a targeted group of contributors first, and then adding more contributors as earnings and payout maintain a set consistency that will indicate steady growth. The company will add additional contributors as the market grows. As membership pool grows, earnings are expected to reach triple that of previous earnings. 

Storyblocks' three subscription tiers
Credit: Storyblocks

For subscribers, there are three triers in their subscription service, basic, unlimited, and unlimited all-access.

The Basic tier is $8.25 a month (billed $99 annually) and provides only partial access to the curated Member Library with 5 downloads per month of HD footage only. I know, that's not unlimited, but hey, it's the basic tier, designed to get your feet wet with the entire Storyblocks service and catalog. If they are regular users of stock footage, then in short order, users are bound to grow beyond it and want to move to the unlimited tier.

The Unlimited tier, at $199 annually, provides all you can eat member library access with unlimited downloads from over 837,000 4K and HD footage, as well as After Effects templates that users can apply for visual effects. 

Lastly, the Unlimited All Access tier, billed at $349 annually, gives members access to all the above, plus unlimited downloads of 125,000 Music, Sound Effects and Loops, and 408,000 Photos, Vectors, and illustrations. There's also a business tier with Storyblocks Enterprise Unlimited. Rate by quote only.

All downloads are royalty-free, and the standard license has no expiration date.  You can read more about the Member Library Partner Program, at their Blog post here.

So what do you guys think? Is Storyblocks a contender in the stock footage game? Do you prefer ala carte pricing of stock footage or an all you can eat subscription? And are you more likely to apply to be a Storyblocks contributor?     

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