DOC NYC 2017
Errol Morris and More Filmmakers on How to F*ck With Conventions and Find Your Own Visual Style

Lauretta Prevost | November 17, 2017

In Theaters
'You Have to Understand the Core of Narrative': Anthony Onah on 'The Price'

Emily Buder | November 17, 2017

Download Screenplays for 'Three Billboards', 'The Shape of Water' and More Award Contenders

Christopher Boone | November 17, 2017

in theaters
Why 'The Breadwinner' Director Nora Twomey Cried Over Her Own Production

Liz Nord | November 17, 2017

video essay
Watch: Is David Fincher Actually a Pop Artist?

Max Winter | November 17, 2017

Practical Ways You Can Be a Faster Editor by Using Keyboard Shortcuts

V Renée | November 16, 2017

Watch: Simple Techniques for Modifying Light That You Should Know About

V Renée | November 16, 2017

Watch: This Terrifying Video Shows You Exactly How Not to Shoot While Driving

Charles Haine | November 16, 2017

Indies, Rejoice! This New Grant Awards $25,000 to Narratives in Development

Emily Buder | November 16, 2017

video essay
Watch: Why the Restrained Framing of 'Fargo' is the Key to its Storytelling

Justin Morrow | November 16, 2017

Remote Control Your Alexa with Free Pomfort Pocket Control

Charles Haine | November 16, 2017

'195 Lewis': Making a Good Web Series is About Getting the Community Right

Oakley Anderson-Moore | November 16, 2017

How to Make Your Old Footage Look Great & Cash in With Kickstarter's Answer to Patreon [PODCAST]

Liz Nord | November 16, 2017

The Beauty in Starting Small: A Filmmaker's Guide to Chilling the F*ck Out

V Renée | November 15, 2017

Check Out These Unique Ideas for DIY Camera Rigs

V Renée | November 15, 2017

Blackmagic 8K Capture and Playback Cards Are Here

Charles Haine | November 15, 2017

Watch: How to Build Empathy in a Horror Film (And Why It's So Important)

Max Winter | November 15, 2017

Sony VENICE Will Go Full Frame at Launch

Charles Haine | November 15, 2017

Watch: Why De-Aging and Resurrecting Actors Digitally is Dumb and Makes No Sense

Jon Fusco | November 15, 2017

With New Service 'Drip,' Kickstarter Aims to Make Filmmaking More Sustainable

Emily Buder | November 15, 2017

Tutorial: A Quick and Easy Way to Pull Off a Sweet Luma Fade Transition

V Renée | November 14, 2017

10 Horror Films That Can Teach You a Lot About Indie Filmmaking

V Renée | November 14, 2017

Watch: 5 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Color Grading

V Renée | November 14, 2017

video essay
Watch: Three Extremely Human Tactics Taika Waititi Uses to Make His Stories Relatable

Max Winter | November 14, 2017

doc nyc 2017
If We're in the 'Wild West' of Distribution, How Do We Make Decisions for Our Films?

Rachel Elizabeth Seed | November 14, 2017

In Theaters
'Thelma': Joachim Trier on Shooting the Norwegian 'Carrie' on Cinemascope

Emily Buder | November 14, 2017

Tutorial: Create Organic Animations Instantly with This After Effects Tool

Jason Boone | November 14, 2017

Now On Demand
Sandra Adair, Linklater's Lifelong Editor: 'If You Can Make It Work Musically, It Can Work Visually'

Oakley Anderson-Moore | November 14, 2017

Amazon Will Create an Original, Multi-Season 'Lord of the Rings' TV Series

Christopher Boone | November 13, 2017


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