As we’ve covered a bit on this site in the past few months, there have been some pretty notable film and video gear-tech innovations that have now paved the way for everyone’s favorite smartphones and iOS devices into working parts of their production setups.

In particular, with the introduction of the Accsoon SeeMo Pro, filmmakers and video pros now have the option to use their iPhone as a production monitor, or even use it as part of their camera-to-cloud workflow.

It’s not just iPhones either. Accsoon has also unlocked these portable monitor capabilities in other iOS devices like the iPad. Let’s take a look at this tech and explore how it can be combined with a new iPad PowerCage Mini so you can rig up your iPad-turned-monitor into part of your video setup.

The Accsoon iPad PowerCage Mini

Featuring multiple cold shoe and mounting point options, along with a Sony NP-F battery plate, the iPad PowerCage Mini is the latest rig option from Accsoon designed to work in tandem with their SeeMo Pro, dubbed as the world’s first professional HDMI adapter, and video capture terminal for iOS that connects via Lighting or USB-C.

This iPad PowerCage Mini in particular is tailored specifically to work with the iPad Mini 6 and is designed to mount a SeeMo HDMI or Pro SDI adapter to the back of the cage to allow for your iPad Mini to function as an on-camera monitor. It also could work in tandem with any other wireless receiver as well to function as a director’s monitor or type of video village setup.

A Look at the Specs and Features

As we’ve seen in other Accsoon camera and monitor cages, the company already has a version available for regular iPads (generations 5-10) as well as the iPad Air and iPad Pro models, however, Accsoon had—apparently—left the iPad Mini off the table until now.

Made primarily out of aluminum, the iPad PowerCage Mini weighs in at just 0.35lbs/162g and includes a custom TPU Gel insert inside the cage to help protect your iPad Mini once you load it in. There are also 13 1/4″-20 mounting points and four cold shoe mount options positioned all around the cage.

The iPad PowerCage Mini features some helpful NATO-compatible handles and accessories, as well as includes a sun hood with a tab feature so you can simply fold and unfold a hood out to protect against screen reflection or glare.

The Accsoon iPad PowerCage Mini

Just think, this could be your iPad Mini on set.

Credit: Accsoon

Price and Availability

Overall, similar to other Accsoon iPad and iPhone cages and accessories, this is a pretty handy cage option to help mount this specific iPad Mini to be a part of your workflow. It obviously is only really worth using if you’re utilizing a SeeMo or SeeMo Pro adapter, but if you’re at all interested in combining the uses of your iOS devices as a production monitor, then this is a great tool to make that happen.

The Accsoon iPad PowerCage Mini is set to be released here later this month and should retail for $109 on Accsoon’s website.