After a couple of weeks of admittedly pretty brutal backlash online, Adobe has followed up on its promise to listen, review, and update its Terms of Service and stance on AI. And, for many Adobe users and video shooting and editing professionals out there, Adobe’s stance against training any AI models on users’ content stored locally or in the cloud is a welcomed promise.

There’s of course a lot to be said about how things ended up here, but for now, Adobe has officially updated its ToS to reflect what the majority of the public want—privacy and protection of their personal data and creative content.

Here’s more on the official statement from Adobe and what any Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, or Creative Cloud users can expect in the future.

Adobe’s Stance on AI

Fulfilling their promise to update changes by June 18th, 2024, Adobe has followed through on its review of its own policies after speaking with customers over the past week. The new Terms of Service for Adobe users clarifies that Adobe “will not use your Local or Cloud Content to train generative AI.”

Which, hopefully, should put an end to this issue once and for all, as well as serve as a powerful reminder that users obviously value their privacy and rights, and any efforts to infringe on those will face backlash. Adobe, for their part, has also pointed out that the company has always been against training generative AI on users' content, but has simply changed the language of the ToS to make things more clear.

Regardless of how we got here though, it’s a small victory perhaps but an important one as the debates surrounding AI, and specifically AI training, continue to heat up. With both professionals and the general public learning about AI and how these different models work, it’s going to be just as important to keep tabs on how companies move forward and what ethics and values propel this innovation.