In exciting news for ARRI ALEXA filmmakers, thanks to the release of SUP 7.3 for the ALEXA Mini LF, the Mini LF will now join the ALEXA 35 in offering support for ARRI’s Camera Control Monitor CCM-1. This is big news for those interested in fully unlocking all of the touchscreen operations and customizable controls while on set.

There are also some other cool control and interface enhancements that should give Mini LF users some extra motivation to step up their productions and likely work quicker and more efficiently in the future.

Let’s take a look at everything new coming with the latest ALEXA Mini LF SUP 7.3 changes.


As mentioned above, this latest software release for the ALEXA Mini LF is all about control and interface enhancements, as well as added compatibility with the Camera Control Monitor CCM-1 and enabling touchscreen operation of the MVF-2 flip-out monitor, among other notable improvements.

We’ll get a bit more into the Camera Control Monitor CCM-1 below and how that will work, but this new SUP 7.3 will also introduce other benefits such as support for WPA-3 client mode, an extended erase media warning, and support for LAN static gateway settings.

There are also plenty of other stability improvements and tweaked features, which you can review below:

• Camera Control Monitor CCM-1 Support
• Touch on Multi Viewfinder MVF-2
• Extended Erase Media menu warnings
• Improved Audio Gain GUI
• CAP additions and bugfixes• WPA-3 Support• LAN Gateway Setting• ECS Improvements

Camera Control Monitor CCM-1 Compatibility

The biggest new feature though is this Camera Control Monitor CCM-1 compatibility for the ALEXA Mini LF. The CCM-1 provides full camera control and menu access, combining ARRI color accuracy and a bright display with customizable controls, rugged build quality, and well-thought-out accessories.

An alternative to the ubiquitous MVF-2, the Camera Control Monitor CCM-1 will allow for full menu control, customized user buttons, home screen, and live image display on a high-bright 7” display.

\u200bThe ARRI Camera Control Monitor CCM-1 on a white background

The ARRI Camera Control Monitor CCM-1

Credit: ARRI

How to Update

To get started with the CCM-1 with the new SUP 7.3 ALEXA Mini LF, make sure your CCM-1 is running the latest software version, which would be SUP 5.5.1. ARRI recommends updating from ALEXA Mini LF SUP 7.2 to SUP 7.3.

However, be careful to not start an update in the middle of production as it might take a while or cause issues.

You can learn more about all of the latest firmware updates for your ARRI cameras here.

ARRI Camera Control Monitor CCM-1 Set

Use the compact Camera Control Monitor CCM-1 Set from ARRI to obtain both full camera control and menu access in a touchscreen display that is bright and sharp enough to use as an operating alternative to an EVF.

Jourdan Aldredge