If you missed our big roundup of all the Apple WWDC event news yesterday, you definitely should check it out. there was a lot of cool stuff that made us excited for where tech can go in the future.

But as soon as Apple announced a partnership with OpenAI, it felt like a cloud hung over the event. Many were left wondering if their data would be safe from being stolen and what the extent of this partnership would bring.

So let's dive into that!

Everything You Need to Know About Apple AI 

At the event yesterday, Apple revealed numerous updates showcasing how AI will undoubtedly transform its products, apps, and operating systems.

The company hinted at upcoming ChatGPT integration, promising a wide array of AI-powered enhancements for various Apple apps and services, including Siri.

But what does this really mean?

Apple Intelligence

Screen_shot_2020-06-25_at_10What Will Creatives Do About Apple's Big News?CREDIT: Apple WWDC

The big announcement yesterday was something called "Apple Intelligence," which is a suite of AI-powered features set to enhance the iPhone, Mac, and other devices.

It's going to be used at first with a new Siri, which will be able to create custom, AI-generated "Genmoji" -- which are like AI-generated emoji images.

They also say that the new Siri will have this thing called "onscreen awareness," that allows the device to understand and interact with content in both Apple and third-party apps. Users can now type to Siri instead of just talking to it.

When Siri is unable to fulfill a request, it will turn to the chatbot with user permission to link up to GPT-4o to get you the answer. GPT-4o will be run by OpenAI, and apple promises to ask before sending any questions, documents, or photos to them.

After receiving a response, Siri will present ChatGPT's answers.

Apple plans to support other AI models in the future, but for now, it's all GPT.

But what are some of the pitfalls or trusting an outside source with the ability to tap into your phone?

How Will This Affect My Privacy?

So, the big worry that went viral was the idea that Apple would be outsourcing anything to OpenAI. In Elon Musk's above tweet, he was sounding the alarm all over at his worry over these ideas.

Apple emphasizes that many features will be processed on-device whenever possible, so OpenAI will only be used when you need it and give permission.

Then they said for complex requests that require more processing power, devices will automatically send requests to the cloud.

Apple utilizes "Private Cloud Compute," a system of Apple Silicon-powered servers that process these requests without storing or accessing user data.

In addition to all of that, Apple will allow independent experts to inspect the code running on these servers to verify the privacy measures.

Apple also emphasizes user privacy by obscuring IP addresses and ensuring OpenAI doesn't store user requests. Using ChatGPT within these integrations will be free, but subscribers can connect their accounts to access paid features.

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