While there’s a lot to love about the latest Apple Event where they unveiled new Final Cut Pro updates, a Final Cut Camera app, and the new Apple Pencil Pro, it feels like there’s a lot that’s being unsaid about Apple’s new iPad Pro and its M4 chip—and what this new chip could mean for Apple’s future focus on AI.

Yet, Apple has to be aware of this and—with its millions of dollars in market and advertising research—would know that people are rightfully frightened of AI coming and “crushing” our abilities to create art and content ourselves, right?

Well, this latest ad spot touted by Tim Cook himself seems to indicate differently. Here’s why it’s as tone-deaf as it appears and not a great look at the company overall.

Apple’s New iPad Pro Spot

As you can see in the video below, shared on Twitter by Tim Cook, Apple is metaphorically taking all of the usual tools and instruments that artists use to create art and putting them into a giant, dystopian Star Wars-looking trash compactor to crush down into a single product.

The product compacted from our misery is the new iPad Pro, which powered by a new M4 chip that is squarely focused on improving its AI computing capabilities.

Watch for yourself here:

Criticisms of Apple’s New Spot

Thankfully if the internet community is collectively good at one thing, it’s dropping rifs on tone-deaf, overly-produced spots like this. Here are some highlights pointing out the irony of this video, as well as blasting Apple for really not being able to read the room here.

What do you think? Is this spot a well-crafted metaphor for how Apple “jams” old-world artistry into a modern device? Or is it an all-too-real analogy for how Apple is literally crushing art into a forced product?

Wax poetic in those comments, readers.