A Roundtable on the 5 Apps Every Filmmaker Needs

We speak with Guy Goldstein (founder and CEO of WriterDuet), Gad Tisch (founder and President of Croogloo), Steve Vitolo (CEO and founder of Scriptation), Zach Lipovsky (co-founder of Shotlister), and Lawrence Sher (founder and CEO of ShotDeck) to discuss the apps that every filmmaker needs…

In this episode, we talk about…

  • WriterDuet's real-time collaboration software built for co-writing and compatible with all standard formats 
  • Croogloo's production management solutions for film and television crew 
  • How Scriptation simplifies the script revision process by digitally transferring notes across script revisions  
  • How Shotlister creates a better way to know how much time and shots are left in a film shoot
  • ShotDeck's massive database of movie and TV images and how it's a tool for research, references, and inspiration 
  • Pushing new tools to become the norm in the film industry from the ground up
  • The benefit of immediate gains without advanced functions
  • Challenges that still need to be addressed and the value of transparency
  • Union vs. non-union reception and approval of apps   
  • The massive wave of change happening in the ocean of content creation
  • Whether or not our generation will be accepted with our use of efficiency multipliers

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