When we got the scoop from our contacts at Blackmagic Design at NAB 2024, we were very excited to share the news about Blackmagic Camera coming to Android devices. This is not because we’re taking sides in the whole Apple vs Android debate, but rather because we think the Blackmagic Camera app is a neat app that should discriminate against you and your smartphone choices.

We knew the app would be free, as it is with iPhones, but we didn’t know when it was actually going to come out. Well, now that day has finally come and you can finally add digital film features and controls to your Samsung and Google phones.

Let’s explore a bit more below.

Blackmagic Camera App for Android

\u200bBlackmagic Camera App

Blackmagic Camera App


Announced today via Blackmagic Design’s various channels, the company is finally ready to officially announce Blackmagic Camera for Android. Set to be available for Samsung and Google phones, the app promises to help shooters get high-quality shots with the ability to adjust camera settings and upload footage to DaVinci Resolve editors worldwide.

Their slogan for the app is, “Get the ‘Hollywood Look’ with a Phone!” And it more or less does that. Well, we’ll let you decide for yourself because it’s free and available to download for iPhone and Android devices now. So check it out.

Blackmagic Camera for Android Features

  • Works with Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel phones.
  • Shoot in 16:9 or vertical aspect ratios.
  • Stealth mode for shooting 16:9 while holding phone vertically.
  • Capture in H.264 and H.265 with auto proxy generation.
  • Frame rate, shutter speed, exposure, white balance, tint and color space camera controls.
  • Focus assist, zebra, frame guides, histogram.
  • Time of day or run time, timecode recording.
  • VU or PPM audio meters.
  • Thumbnail view of all recorded clips in media tab.
  • Preview clips with scrubber, duration, timecode and file name display.
  • Fully integrated with Blackmagic Cloud and DaVinci Resolve.
  • Record to phone, select recorded clips to share via Blackmagic Cloud or sync automatically.