March 8, 2017 at 2:05PM

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$10,000 Short Film/WebSeries grant available now!

The Liberty Lab for Film (or LLF) is an advanced program from Taliesin Nexus, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, for those who have filmmaking, screenwriting, and/or producing experience and want an opportunity to work alongside liberty-minded creatives under the guidance of seasoned professionals such as Daniel Knauf, (co-executive producer, NBC's THE BLACKLIST) Warren Lewis (screenwriter THE 13TH WARRIOR) and screenwriter David H. Steinberg (screenwriter AMERICAN PIE 2) in developing, writing, filming and editing your short film or web series idea.

If you and your treatment are selected, you will receive a grant for $10,000 to fund your project and be paired with an established industry professional who will mentor you through a 100 day development and writing process before heading into production and post. At the conclusion, we will host a gala showcase screening in Los Angeles where your film will premiere along with your fellow LLF participants' projects.

During this program, you will experience an intensive process that is not unlike what filmmakers in Hollywood must contend with: a rigorous development process, valuable collaboration, working within a budget, and notes & feedback from your mentor and the network. This is not for the faint of heart. You and your partners will be responsible for producing a high quality film.

To submit, all you need is a one-page treatment of your story idea for a short film or web-series.

Go to to learn more about the program, the application process, what types of stories we are interested in, and what to expect when you are selected into the program.

Applications are being accepted NOW and you have until Apr 15, 2017 to submit.

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