January 21, 2015 at 12:22AM


2 day Dailies workshop this weekend

A DIT Workshop taught by a experienced working DIT!

Workshop Description:


The job of the DIT (aka PrePost on set) is constantly evolving, and to that evolvement, this workshop was created. This two day class concentrates on the production of dailies, and all the tools, software and skill to get you working efficiently and quickly. We start with the backing up of camera files and go all the way through to handing off of your shuttle drive with finished dailies to the editor or post house.

This is a relaxed class that will remove the mystery, help simplify and have you become confident in the DIT position. You will be exposed to cool gear and software to allow you to be an artist on-set.

Class is limited to 16 students. Continental breakfast will be served in the morning. We break for lunch (there are several restaurants within walking distance of the studio to choose from, including Pink’s and Chipotle), and then we finish out each day.

This class is designed for those looking to move up from Assistant Camera, Loader, Utility and Assistant Editor positions, or even DIT’s, Editors, DP’s and Producers that want to gain further knowledge of On-Set (PrePost) Dailies workflow. No prior experience necessary, but having computer skills is a must. Students are encouraged to bring their laptops. Power point presentation on thumb drives will be given to each student, which will also include a copy of Davinci Resolve Lite, and Assimilate Scratch. I suggest you download these two free software packages and get a little familiar before the class.

You Will Learn:

Develop a firm understanding of the DIT role for TV and Features
Proper back up procedures for original camera media
Monitor Calibration
Evaluating color and exposure - via the use of scopes
Live Grading on set
Developing Looks with the DP
Using a gray card for reference and camera matching
Using a color Temp Meter on set
Basic use of color control surface
The importance of setting proper white balance in camera
Primary and Best Light Color Correction
Syncing audio
Learn to use Davinci Resolve and Assimilate Scratch for color correction and deliverables
Learn to create high quality compressed files for iPad and Cloud delivery
Use of Cloud services for dailies upload and viewing
Learn on set procedures wiring with camera crew, DP, production and post


Von Thomas is an LA based Dailies Colorist, Cinematographer, Photographer, digital capture expert, and educator. He currently works as a DIT and Dailies Colorists on feature films, TV episodics, webisodes, music videos, and commercials. His list of clients reads like a who’s who in both the still and motion photography business. Contact: von@mobileheropost.com

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Oh now I understand, unfortunately I dont have Resolve to mark my workflow steps with those "nodes" but I still can write down my workflow and follow it step by step even when I am editing in Adobe programs but in that Resolve manual I saw some phrases that i dont understand but I think I just have to get some more knowledge or maybe its just software related phrases. Anyway thank you very much I will change my workflow from now on, do you recommend any other step to change?

November 6, 2019 at 9:06AM


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