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$2000 film making kit

Hello, I wanted to start this discussion for people looking to make a filmmaking kit for $2000. Comment what items you think someone should buy for this kit. I also see many kits that mention software so dont be afraid to mention those.


A lot will depend on what you want to shoot, and if you already own any gear. The essential film production items are...

- Camera
- Lenses
- Camera support ( tripod, monopod, etc... )
- Camera monitor
- Audio recorder
- Microphones
- Boom-pole and XLR cables
- Sound blankets
- Lights
- Light modifiers
- Light reflectors
- Light stands
- Power extension cords
- Cases to transport your equipment
- Computer and monitor
- Editing software ( Audio and Video )

People have made feature films with the iPhone 5s as their shooting camera ( see "Tangerine" (2015) ) and recorded audio using lav mics and more iPhones as their audio recorders, so almost anything is possible if you have enough motivation.

I would figure out what you want to shoot, then figure out what gear you can rent or borrow, and then figure out what gear you will need to practice with. The big items are harder to get, so sometimes it makes more sense to buy those because the "smaller" items are easier to borrow.

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Guy McLoughlin
Video Producer

very useful.

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James Colitti
Director, DP, Writer, editor, Sound Designer, Cinimatographe

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