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2015 Showreel 'for Consideration'

Hey Nofilmschool crew! I am proud to say I just cut my first showreel, as well as launched my website.
I would love feedback, general thoughts, or just for you to view and (hopefully) enjoy!
Most of it was shot on the Blackmagic Pocket, along with some shots from the Sony FS100 and Panasonic Gh4.
Music was done by me using Reaper.


Hope to hear, thank you all!


Hi Ben,

I am super picky and I don't have a show reel that is any better ( I am still working on it ), but here are a few of my thoughts on your reel...

1- I love shots that are good enough to stand-alone as still photos, so if you took a single frame grab from one of your scenes would it hold up as a still photo ? ( if the answer is no, then remove the scene from your reel )

2- I am not crazy about grey blacks. I see this all the time where people grade their shots so that what was once a true black is now a middle-to-dark grey. ( if you're trying to make things look like they were shot in the 1950's, then no problem, but any modern shot should have a contrast range where blacks are a true black. )

3- I am not crazy about grading where the majority of the grade is one color. Almost like you sucked out all the color saturation and then tinted the whole shot blue, or brown, or green, or orange, etc... So even "cinematic" shots should not be graded as mostly one color. ( the shot ends up being "flat" with no "depth" or "life" to it )

Looking at your showreel, I would say that about half of your shots would not make it past the three points I listed above, but this is all me, and what I like to see on the screen , which might be very different for another person.

Hope this helps.

- Guy

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Possibly change the font to something much simpler and cleaner looking? The lens flare in the middle isn't really needed.

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