October 13, 2016 at 3:23AM


3-in-1 Video review of GH4 vs. a7R-ii vs. EOS 5Dmk4

This relatively short (6:29) video gives a level-headed review of the major high-end DSLR options available today. It doesn't pixel-peep, but what it does do is talk about practical workflow and ergonomics.


TL;DR: the GH4 is the best all-around. The a7R-II does some things better than others, but they always have to worry about overheating (which ruins shots when it happens). The 5Dmk4 gets dinged a lot, but its ISO 12800 colors hold up much better than GH4.

Two and a half years on, the GH4 remains an amazing camera. And now that it's heavily discounted, it's an even better deal.

For still photography (and sports photography) the 5Dmk4 is clearly a winner. But for video, Canon make much better products, not surprisingly, with their C100/C300/C500/C700 lines. (Those cameras were not tested in this video.)

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