June 7, 2016 at 8:57AM, Edited June 7, 9:04AM


$30 Audio Walker: DIY mobile solution for audio gear

This is my $30 DIY project to hold my audio gear. Anyone that has a drill and a few bolt can make this project.
Level of Difficulty: 2/10

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I’ve tried a lot of DIY solutions to hold audio equipment (B&D WorkMate, small folding tables and even small step ladders). They all fell short of my needs. Despite looking a bit odd, the Audio Walker works well.

One of the best things about the Audio Walker is it holds everything neatly in one place. On my short films I have noticed in post that a cord or piece of audio equipment is visible in the shot. How I wished I could keep everything off the ground and move it easily out of view of the camera.

Audio Walker may be used as a chair (or a walker) after a long day

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