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30 Minutes movie

HI all,.

please can anyone tell me,. what i want to make a 30 minutes movie,. i am already made few 3-5 minutes movie,. however before making 30 movie what all point should i focus on,. and where can i showcase my movies?

Please give me feedback regarding this,.

Please watch my previous works in ma utube channel,.

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I watched two of your films. You obviously like to tell stories, which is great. Stay with what you love.

Your first challenge is to find a story that's worth 30 minutes, not 3-5. Lew Hunter's famous Screenwriting 434 ( teaches that for a 100-110 page script (approx 100-110 minutes of running time), page 17 is where the movie goes from set-up to irreversible action, page 85 (or so) is where tension reaches its peak, and page 100-110 is where everything gets resolved. Scaling this down to 25 minutes by dividing by 4, you have 4-5 pages of setup, maximum tension at page 21-22, and resolution at pages 25-27. These are not mere pages to fill. They must be so full of action, characterization, dialog, energy, etc., that you cannot remove one scene, one page, or even one line without compromising the tension or the resolution. If you cannot write such material, team up with somebody who can.

Once you have a great 25-30 minute story, then focus on how the visuals best support the telling of the story. The camera should "see" the actions--and reactions--that link together to make the screenplay a dramatic and worthwhile script. And your audio should be so good that if you play the result with your eyes closed, the whole movie still makes sense. If the script calls for actions or settings you simply cannot film, then look for a different script.

As for showcases, film festivals offer both peers and audiences who are mostly encouraging, somewhat forgiving, and usually constructive. Your audience will tell you when you are ready to move to the next level, because instead of offering constructive criticism they will tell you "wow, that was so much better than what I saw last week at the $BIGGER film festival. You should enter THAT!"

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