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The time has come for you to have your document transposed into a foreign language via paid online translation. But there are a number of possibilities and a big question remains. Should this translation be entrusted to a translation firm? Or give it to your bilingual employees or even look for the right translators yourself?
Here are 5 points to keep in mind to make your choice with full knowledge of the facts.
The translation agency manages the project...
Translating a document properly involves more work than simply giving the text to the first translator who came. A translation agency, through a project manager, can select the right translator for the content of the document. He will then take care of ensuring the quality of the work, including entrusting the translation to a reader, all within the allotted time. This project management often represents dozens of emails sent, intermediate documents, administrative documents, etc. So many things you won't have to worry about when you're hiring an agency.
.. what frees your employees
It is very rare for a translation to be entrusted only to a bilingual employee. This can only be used for informal translations (non-essential intra-company communication, "common" email exchange). This is all the less feasible if the text is technical(legal or financial translation for example), at the risk of exposing you to significant translation errors. The use of a translation firm assures you that the translation will be done by someone whose job it is.
Quality guarantees
Translation agencies generally have an comprehensive warranty policy. This type of quality guarantee can only be found in professional translators. In addition, part of the job of a good agency is to carry out reliable quality checks.
You can focus on your core business
Doing your translations in-house takes a considerable amount of time that you collaborators might otherwise use. Knowing how to outsource certain tasks like translation allows you to generate more productivity for your business. In short, entrusting your needs to a competent translation company or freelancer allows you to be more efficient. The conquest of international market share is often played out at this time.

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