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4 Simple Interview Tips to help you land your next Film / TV Production Job!

Over 100,000 applications for Film and TV jobs are made on every month. It amazes me (especially with all of the advice available online) that some people still make such basic mistakes when applying and interviewing for roles and so here are a few basic tips to help you succeed:

1. Preparation really helps in building confidence.
Under-preparing can have disastrous consequences. It will make you look unprofessional, non-committed or disinterested in the job. Be punctual, introduce yourself clearly, make eye contact, be friendly and be yourself. First impressions count and are difficult to overturn.

2. Do background research
Find out about the director, company and as much as you can about the production. Consider other productions the director has undertaken, check whether they have a particular style and be prepared to discuss them.

3. Anticipate the "common" questions
such as Why do you think you're right for the job? How would you approach this role? Be prepared to talk about the production or the script if you have read it or to talk about the company's work with knowledge and enthusiasm. Don't be shy about asking any questions you may have. The interview is a two way process, providing an opportunity, for you, to find out more as well as for the interviewer to assess you.

4. Learn from every interview, no matter what the outcome.
Being considered for a film and TV job and then not getting it can be an inevitable part of the industry and something you'll have to get used to. Sometimes you might not have been right for that particular production or team. See it as good experience for the next occasion and see if you can turn rejection into something positive. Ask whether the interviewer would be prepared to give you feedback on the interview. Sometimes it is appropriate to send a message thanking the company for the interview this can lead to an ongoing connection.
And finally, remember...
If you are called for an interview but are unable to turn up, make sure that you contact the interviewer. Simply not turning up is wasting their time and cutting off any future contact between you and the employer.


Ok i have job interview tomorrow, pray for me.I'm going to study interview questions at apple for now

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difficult to get a job interview

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