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5 Step Method to Stay Motivated in Filmmaking

You’ve just come up with the greatest idea for a film. You know the what, where, when, why and how and you can’t wait to get things going, enthusiastic as hell, high on the prospect of success.

Several excruciating weeks later…

What the F just happened? Where did all that zest go? When did I get so over my head?

Let’s just get straight to the point.

Recognize that filmmaking motivation will come and go as it pleases

Think about when you started a relationship with somebody new. Remember the feeling? Enthusiastic as hell, high on the prospect of success, etc.

Did you really expect that feeling to last?

Of course, some relationships will fail due to whatever shitty circumstance may come your way. But short of some ghastly placed in-grown hair or some mutant deformity, you still make strides to carry on.

Sure, in an ideal universe you would want that initial feeling to last, but unfortunately for all of us that’s a universe of fantasy. Remember this one thing:

The movie is the fantasy. The making of it is not.

But what happens when actors drop out, or when equipment breaks down or your taxes don’t get filed in time?

First, I challenge you to find a film production, in the history of film, that has ever gone smoothly.

During the shooting of the tunnel scene in The Dark Knight the crew actually destroyed one of four of the world’s IMAX cameras!

In fact, the footage one of the most difficult scenes in our first feature I’m Okay got corrupted and a reshoot with several overwhelmed actors and crew members had to take place with another laborious and embarrassing meet with a restaurant owner, ONE day before shooting was supposed to wrap.

Why persist?

Because we’re filmmakers, and best skill you can have is to adapt to any difficult situation. The more obstacles hurdled on a project, the more proud you’ll be of the product.

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