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5 things to do as first time "Script Supervisor"

Being a script supervisor for first time isn’t easy. It takes a lot of patience, dedication and hard work. But on bright side it is a good sign for newbie. If you get a script supervising job it means you are getting more responsibilities and leaving behind PA jobs. However, the scriptie job scales with the size of the production. If it is a low-budget small production then job would be easier –taking notes on the shots, file names for audio/video for logging, etc. But a script supervisor’s most important responsibility is to pay attention to shot continuity between takes.

​From my experience I have learned 5 things to be a successful Script Supervisor:

1) To read the Script at Home:
Reading the script before the shooting kicks off is always a good idea. It helps a lot on set to keep the continuity and understand the story and characters .Keeping track of each individual scene is very important.
2) Following 180 degree rule:
Following 180 degree rule on set is very important .If you don’t know what crossing the line is, learn it and remind every crew member to follow it for sake of continuity .Of course don’t advise the crew members, remind them friendly.

3) Taking Notes:
Taking notes on camera details such as focal length, camera height, color temperature, ISO, Tilt/roll angle, f-stop is script supervisor’s major responsibility to keep the consistency and replicate it in the post if needed. If the movie involves VFX/CGI, pay attention to those details as well.

4) Working with every department:
You need to work with other departments (hair, make-up, wardrobe, camera, sound etc) to maintain continuity and consistency. Take pictures to get every detail correct and help the crew to get everything ready for next shot properly.

5) Pay attention to set design and costume:
As script supervisor it is very important to pay attention to the characters’ costumes and props. Taking care of the details of set is scriptie’s responsibility as well. Maintaining every single detail in every scene is on script supervisor’s shoulder.
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