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80's films

"Films made in the 1980s are sometimes dismissed as cheesy and without artistic merit.

But Hadley Freeman credits films made in this era for teaching her “more about life than any library or teacher ever would”.

Dirty Dancing is about much more than “Patrick Swayze writhing around”, says the Guardian columnist and author of Life Moves Pretty Fast.

“It’s about feminism, the importance of having legality of abortion and it’s about female sexuality,” she says."

Interesting and she credits the 80's as the last era to have the big film studios owned by people who actually know about films.


The 80's gave us the "Brat Pack" movies, which were really well done coming of age movies...

80's Brat Pack movies

But my all time favorite Sci-Fi Horror movie came out in 1982. It was made when there were no computerized special effects, so everything you see on screen had to be done with practical effects right in front of the actors...

John Carpenter's : The Thing (1982)

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Guy McLoughlin
Video Producer

I agree with you absolutely about The Thing. Years ago, at Christmas, one of my young cousins found the video at the house of one of my other uncles, watched it and it scared the bejesus out of him.
But it is Salem's Lot, as a 2 parter on TV (made 1979, but it must have been the 80's when I saw it) that has a special place for me. My parents were out for the evening and I was home alone. I was watching the second part on a very old TV. When it got to the scariest part, I thought it better to switch to another channel for a few minutes. As I sat down again (no remote for our old TV), the dodgy channel switches changed the channel back to Salem's Lot. My heart nearly stopped.

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Julian Richards
Film Warlord

recently i discuss about Creativity and freedom of subject of 80' movies...
after an animated discussion with a guy i did a small list...
1984 vs 2014....
in 1984 we have many cult movies, only few sequel (great sequel), in 2014 we only sequel, reboot, remake, retelling and few more...
in 2014 i remember only Guardian of Galaxy, shooted and directed in 80' style :-P and Birdman
and i want to avoid to start with 1985 that have gems like Back to the future, Goonies, Legend, Brazil, and more...


la storia infinita
C'era una volta in america
Karate Kid
Nightmare on elm street
Police squad
Indiana Jones II (sequel)
Beverly Hills Cop
All'inseguimento della pietra verde
StarTrek 3
Conan il distruttore (Sequel)
Orwell 1984
Nausicaa della valle del vento
Splash una sirena a manhattan
Top Secret
Paris Texas
Urla del silenzio
Giochi Stellari
Omicidio a luci rosse
Philadelphia experiment
Passaggio in India
La signora in rosso
In compagnia dei lupi
Electric Dreams


Lo Hobbit terzo capitolo (sequel)
i guardiani della Galassia
Una notte al museo 3 (sequel)
Hunger Games 2 (sequel)
Tartarughe Ninja remake
Scemo e più scemo 2 (sequel)
Big Hero 6
The lego movie
I pinguini di Madagascar spin-off
Ape Revolution sequel-remake-retelling
I mercenari 3 sequel
X-men giorni di un futuro passato sequel
Transformer 4 sequel
CapitanAmerica 2 sequel
Hercules il guerriero remake
Spiderman 2 il potere di electro sequel
Rec4 sequel
Sincity2 sequel
Dracula Untold (retelling)
Godzilla remake
300 l'alba di un impero prequel
Robocop (bad remake)
I, Frankestein (retelling)
Wrong turnb 6... sequel

the eason of bad cinema earning is that there are too much bleach copies of old movie and not innovative ideas. When i talk about bad earning i mean, that if i spent 100 million of dollars and i do 300 million i did a bad business, be cause i risk 100 m to earn only two times (100 i spent it) in how many times?
very box office are movie like Terminator, that earn twenty times of cost.

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Carlo Macchiavello

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