October 2, 2015 at 10:02PM


A7s II: Zeiss Loxia or EF glass?

Hey all,

About to pull the trigger on an A7s II pre-order. Pretty stoked. But here's the catch; I don't own any lenses currently. A little backstory: I spent the last 6 years working various production jobs, studio work, and shot many short films/music videos. All of those jobs had in-house equipment. Mostly Canon 5D, C100; Sony FS700. Some RED. This is not a "my first camera" post, but it kinda sorta is b/c I've never actually owned anything until now. I'm looking to buy into the Sony A7 line b/c of the clear price-to-feature ratio advantage, and being a filmmaker on a budget, I'm sure you understand. So here's where I'm at:

The Zeiss Loxia line is looking sexy as hell, and for what I would be using the camera for, would be perfect. Small, light, easy. If I need the big stuff, I'll rent the big stuff. The caveat is that they are E-Mount which essentially locks me in to Sony for the foreseeable future. My other option is going in on something Canon mount and using the Metabones (Canon L or Zeiss Milvus perhaps?). One one hand, I see the future-proofing involved b/c almost every cinema system has an EF mount flavor these days, and the lens could be a career-investment. At the same time though, those lenses are much larger, heavier, and just not built for such a small system. Ergonomics are a thing for me.

I've been trying to wrap my brain around this the past few weeks and can't quite seems to find a clear best option here. Any thoughts??

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