November 14, 2020 at 2:59PM, Edited November 14, 3:00PM

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Achieving a Dim Look with Proper Exposure and Little Noise

Hello NoFilmSchool readers. During some recent and incessant video watching on Vimeo, I came across an Under Armour spot from Luminary Visuals, a Miami video production company that specializes in commercials. The spot is beautifully shot and has a great storyline, but what particularly caught my attention was how their team was able to capture several scenes in a bar with a very low key/dim look while still keeping the actors well-exposed and grain/noise to a minimum, kind of like how David Fincher does in many of his films.

Here's a link to the spot, so you can all see what I'm referring to:

The specific portions in the bar that I'm referring to are the 0:09-0:11, 0:19-0:21, 0:25-0:28 and 1:03-1:09 marks.

You can also see more examples of similar "dim"-looking work on their site:

Can anyone here tell me how to best achieve that look, on set and in post? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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