September 14, 2016 at 5:55AM


Across Frontiers - A WWII Escape Story

My name is Zak Jarvis, I am a final year student at the Northern Film School, Leeds. This year I will be making my directorial debut with a short film based on my great-grandfather's experiences in WWII. He was captured in North Africa in 1942 and taken to a prisoner of war camp in Italy, but when Italy surrendered in 1943 the Germans occupied the country and sent all of the prisoners there to Germany. My great-grandfather Ernest Day and his friend Harry Kirk jumped off a cattle train which was taking them to Germany and fled into the countryside. They were taken in and sheltered by many brave and kind Italian families who hid them from the Germans, they made it back to allied lines in 1944.

In March, I travelled to Gavi in Italy and visited the POW camp where my great-grandfather was held. It was an amazing and surreal experience which inspired me to use the story as my first film. It is very ambitious to try and set a film in WWII with very little money so I have taken to crowdfunding via Indiegogo combined with my own savings which I am putting into the film. Have a watch of the video on the page which tells you a lot more about the film -

I am writing to ask for your support! We are currently at 87% with £4,547 and we are trying to raise £5,250 in total. We have lots or rewards up for grabs in return for contributing so check them out.


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