February 6, 2015 at 12:30PM


Allsteady 6 --- The most versatile, compact, and affordable gimbal ever.


Our mission is to create the ultimate DSLR gimbal experience for professional film makers but at an affordable price to the average DSLR videographer. Designed with versatility and upgradeability in mind, the AllSteady-6Pro is the perfect match for almost any DSLR camera and lens combinations.

Dubbed the little giant of DSLR gimbals, the Allsteady-6Pro gives you the freedom of choice, an extraordinary means to exercise and expand your creative expression using a huge range of cameras and lenses. This versatility also enables you to keep up with new camera advances to dramatically increase your production value. Any experienced camera operator knows that there is no perfect camera, no perfect lens, and lighting is always an issue. For example, you can start with the nimble GH4 for stunning outdoor action videos, but quickly switch to the iconic 5D with a larger sensor for indoor shoots.

Featuring exceptional capacity and versatility but without the extra weight and bulk of larger gimbals, the AllSteady-6Pro with Fully Toolless Balancing enables you to effortlessly switch between smaller and larger payloads. Our follow focus ready setup also makes it easy for wireless Red-Rock Micro or Lens Hound upgrades. Looking to get into aerials? The AllSteady-6Pro comes standard with continuous 360 panning so wires won’t get tangled under a multirotor.


Backed! Super stoked on this one Andrew!!! You guys are taking things to the next level! (and so am I with my new AS6!!!)

February 24, 2015 at 12:46PM, Edited February 24, 12:46PM

Pierce Hodges
VideoKidProductions.com Producer/Director/DP

I really like the specs on the Allsteady 6. Are you still happy with it? Any issues? Thanks

March 30, 2015 at 12:32PM

Dennis McCormac
Aspiring Indie filmmaker

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