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The amazing A7sII lowlight performance

Hello folks!
I ve been reading the boards for quite a while now and I wanted to share my latest short film experiences with you.
This is the link to the short :
(No I am not here for advertising it)

So, I ve been a big fan of Wes Anderson, Stanley Kubrick and Guillermo del Toro mainly as well as other notable directors.
What made an instant impact on me was the lighting of Kubrick.
Mainly practical lighting and the use of fast lenses to capture some amazing scenes. I am stating this fact because I tried to achieve something like Barry Lyndon candlenaturallightkinda lighting.
The problem is that I didn't have any Nasa Zeiss lenses, but I had A7SII which I knew that it was a great low light machine. The f4 16-35 Zeiss I had was good in daylight but couldn't produce anything spectacular in night and I needed to find a way for night shots(and cheap one as I couldnt afford to buy any other expensive lenses) . So after research I bought an old 50mm Canon FD 1.4 . And this lens did the trick. Although on 1.4 vignetting is unavoidable it still produced (and as every fast canon lens is capable of) a filmic look.
After 01:18 the 50mm 1.4 makes its debut! And although there is some visible banding and artificial noise it still maintained the look!
The closest lights to the scene was 200m away (we were near a highway) and I used a 20,000 ISO for the scene.
The only thing I wish I had extra was an Atomos so I could just get that true 4:2:2 output (ive been shooting on 4k 4:2:0 8bit and downscaling to 1080 but you can see that in post production 8bit suffers).

What's your opinion? Any A7SII users? Any comments :) ?

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