November 6, 2020 at 10:51PM


Amped wireless Extender setup

To setup Amped wireless extender and login ampedwireless login page. Open setupampedwireless website and access Amped range extender. Follow to Amped range extender setup and configure
Connect and install Amped wireless via login ampedwireless admin page. Personlise your Amped WiFi setup

using setupampedwireless admin portal.
If having 5GHZ WiFi network, default id is Amped_TAPR3_5.0. And for 2.4GHz Wi-Fi is Amped_TAPR3_2.4. Default securit key of Amped wifi is \”wireless\”. Though you can optimise it anytime. Make
sure it should be of 8 charachers.
For more information on how to configure or setup Amped Wireless extender. Do visit setupampedwireless login experts at 1-888-757-0777. And configure Amped wireless login page and setup Wifi range extender.

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