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Are my Films Any Good?

I need feedback on a few films I need. I personally think that they are starting to get pretty good looking, but I could just be biased, I need outside eyes and honest opinions abut my work to know if I am on the right track or not. None of the films are heavy on a story line, I know that, I was just practicing editing (I use the lite version of Davinci Resolve) and camera movement (GH3 with Olympus OM 50mm 1.8, 24mm 2.8, Lumix 24mm 1.8, if that matters). But I was wondering if my YouTube channel looks good for being made a few days ago and if my films have hope to them. I want to get the message across to the viewer to go outside, have fun, and explore. The films are in order from oldest to newest and I have improved, all of them were made over the past three days (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). Anyways, thanks to anyone who replies.


The third video is a nice marriage of video and music. I would say that this video proves you can shoot and edit B-roll.

On the negative side, I would say that the first video forces the eye to work too hard to find the subject before it disappears. That is to say that each cut takes us to a frame that's sufficiently busy, and not sufficiently composed, that we don't know where to lock our gaze to see the subject. And as the subject comes into focus, there's too much ambiguity as to what we should be focusing on.

The second video is graded a bit too dark, and it also lacks a clear subject on which to focus.

The next step, of course, is to think about what you really want to say with your videos, and get that expressed, rather than trying to merely capture beauty in nature and hope that it can do all the work for you. You have to let your own voice speak!

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Thank you for the advice, it is really appreciated, for the first video I was just getting footage of everything and not really thinking about what I was going to do with it and then after editing, I realized, some parts were hard to really focus on. Now I to the point of not knowing where to find my voice in a video. I can do it on paper, I can write stories, but I just haven't found how I can connect the two and have a video be a story. Anyways, thanks for the critique!

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Not a filmmaker but like this site. Got interested in film due to my daughter's studies. I would agree with Michael's statements. I looked at your channel and the hiking video spoke more to me about getting out and enjoying the outdoors (but may be because my son thru hiked the AT and we lived in WA state for a long time). Everything I hear on sites like this is keep shooting. Keep creating. Study those that inspire you. Good luck.

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Its hard to gauge your skills as a filmmaker overall from these videos, as they don't really tell a story, but the shots are really beautiful. If you apply this cinematography to narratives, I think you'll create some beautiful work. I challenge you to film in a city, focus now on people as your subjects, and start crafting beautiful shots around heart felt stories.

December 13, 2017 at 8:31PM

John Haas

As others have said, there are some nice shots in here. However, and I don't mean this to come across as rude, but I wouldn't exactly call these films. They come across more as camera test videos. I've made similar videos every time I get a new camera and it's almost always plants :D I don't know why. But always plants.

Anyway, what I would say is these aren't good or bad, they're experiments. Keep experimenting and trying new things. The easiest way to get your films to start having story similar to what you write down, is to add a character. It can be a human, it can be an object, it can be a leaf or an animal, etc. but you need a subject/character to tell a story (usually) and you don't need to think too far out of the box on this one. Grab a friend or family member, or a rock on a string, etc. They their story.

Also, try not to worry if your youtube channel looks good or not. :) Just make work you enjoy and are proud of. A channel with one great video looks a lot better than one with a bunch.

Keep experimenting and have fun.

December 14, 2017 at 2:26AM


Indeed, time to tell some stories.

Also, these could be used as demo reels of sorts, but would need to involve varied shots (city shots as some have suggested), portraits, water, structures, etc.

But I think what you need to start practicing with now is telling a story. Narrative maybe (with or without dialogue) or documentary in style. Your shooting is good, just need to take it to the next step. If you shoot a narrative type short, you could just use voice over and an actor. Several of my first short films didn't involve dialogue because I was using non-actors. As far as documentary content goes, I will often encourage people starting out to interview family members. You know them, you have access to them, and they (hopefully) will feel comfortable talking with you. And then there's the added bonus of you learning something about your relatives you never knew.

Keep up the good work.

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Arthur Rasco

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