February 19, 2016 at 9:06AM


Are the Oscars Too White…Again? #OscarsSoWhite

So the question of the moment is

“Why are the Oscars® so white again? #OscarsSoWhite
The 88th Annual Academy Awards haven’t even aired yet, and there is a hurricane of drama surrounding Hollywood’s most exciting night. Celebrities like Spike Lee and Will and Jada Pinkett Smith have called for a boycott due to a lack of minority nominees.

I usually don’t discuss topics like this on Indie Film Hustle but when the opportunity to have a sit-down with RB Botto from Stage 32.com and talk all things Oscar I jumped at the chance.

We discuss not only “Why are the Oscars® so white again? #OscarsSoWhite” but we discuss this year’s Oscar races, surprises, snubs and we talk about the current state of the film business. Take a listen!


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Spike Lee never called for a boycott. Perhaps you don't benefit from solutions as much as controversy. Enough people have scratched the surface on this one, save the real debate for people who have their facts right.

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