May 12, 2021 at 5:59AM


Asus Router Reset

Asus Router Reset process is very useful. If you are facing problems like Forgot Your password, unresolved login issues, or a configuration issue that was not recognized or resolved. Either a problem like default URL or default IP address does not work. Then try Asus Router Reset to the default settings and try to reconnect to the ASUS router login or Asus router Setup page. Here is the answer of the question “How to Reset Your Asus Wi-Fi Router to Factory Defaults”. Follow the steps carefully.

1.First, make sure your Asus router is turned ON and working properly.

2.In the meantime, press the reset button on the router. It is available on the back of the router. Hold for 10 seconds. Try pressing it with a needle or paper clips. When the router LED turns ON, it starts flashing. The router is said to have started the restart process.

3.When the flashing LED gets stable without flashing. Then un-hold or release the reset button. This restarts the router.

4.Let the router restart. This takes 2-3 minutes. After restarting, the router opens with the factory settings. Therefore, you have run the RESET Asus Router application successfully.

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