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Hello all, I'm 22 years old and finishing my associates degree this spring- I currently live at home (as I pay my car, phone and school bills myself) BUT I'm getting kicked out of the house after I finish school... I don't think it's a bad thing, as I'm looking to move out of my hometown in NC. I've been making short films that have done well in small festivals, and now better middle-tier festivals. I'm finally getting grants to make more shorts as well which is nice, so I think a good time to look to move anyway. I'm looking either NYC (I have friends there currently, and family- plus a connection for reality TV sets). However a group of friends will be moving to ATL to pursue film there. I'm looking to work as a PA on film sets while continuing to make shorts and hopefully get into better and better festivals and learn something on the sets- any thoughts? I'm thinking ATL will be cheaper (money is an issue for me, as my parents cannot help out with any finances) and I may have more time to work on my own self funded films, and maybe a good independent community?? But maybe I'd have a better chance in NY? THANKS for any opinion!!!


I know plenty people that get PA work in LA, NYC etc. but those jobs often don't lead anywhere because EVERYBODY wants to be a "filmmaker". ATL will not only be much cheaper for housing etc. but it also might be a less saturated market.

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Very much appreciate your opinion!! Makes sense

January 30, 2017 at 5:09AM

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