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Audio Syncing Basics

Hello No Film Schoolers!

We are Soliman Productions, a video production company based out of Orlando, FL, & we love sharing tips and tricks of the trade with others, so we have started a web series dedicated to just that!

• Syncing Sensation: Audio Syncing Basics | SoliTV -

In this video we talk about the basics of audio syncing whether you’re using an external audio source or matching audio from a multi-camera shoot.

We hope you all like this video! Please feel free to leave us a comment directly within this post or on YouTube. We look forward to hearing from you!
-Soliman Productions

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You should state that this tutorial is specifically for Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Many people don't edit with Premiere, so they may not find everything in your tutorial useful.

What's also useful is showing people how to sync longer video / audio tracks, and have them keep sync over many hours of recording. A live concert or corporate conference video might last 3 - 6 hours, so knowing how to quickly sync long videos so that they keep audio sync over the full 6 hours is a handy skill to know.

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