December 7, 2018 at 4:48AM


Balance Changes in Path of Exile: Betrayal

Cap on slowing effects:

The total amount that you can slow the expiration of an effect on a character through a time-slowing mechanism (such as Temporal Chains) is now capped at 75% from all sources.

Time-slowing effects are very powerful defensive tools. Limiting time-slowing to a cap allows us more flexibility in making content, as well allowing us to provide more options for giving players time-slowing effects.

Unique rebalance

The patch-notes tomorrow will cover a large number of unique item rebalances. Some of these are simple numerical changes, while others are closer to redesigns.

The following principles were applied in looking at rebalancing unique items:

Any item that drops very rarely should be justified in being that hard-to-find. Many very rare items have been improved, while a few were made more common.
Unique items that are acquired through specific high-tier bosses (for example, Elder and Shaper Guardians) should be balanced upwards where they were not up to par.
Unique items that dramatically affected diversity in an item slot would be addressed, either by nerfing excessive power or by looking at what else was available in that item slot.
Items which were relatively very strong, but did not damage diversity could be made rarer.

While many unique items were adjusted, this is an ongoing process, and some items that may have deserved a change by the above principles might not yet be addressed.

But what about Self-Casting?

In the last few days, the community has been very keen for news for casters who don't rely on totems or triggers, which is often referred to as self-casting.

Self-casting has not been a specific focus of the set of balance changes for 3.5.0, and we don't want to try rush in further big changes without extensive testing.

Betrayal does include some changes for various things associated with self-casting. We have designed the new cold skills to be aimed at self-casters, for example.

We are sure you'll find interesting builds and choices of many kinds in Betrayal. There are already some balance changes planned and underway for 3.6.0. We expect to keep a good eye on gameplay during Betrayal to see how our plans need adjustment, and to develop a picture of the balance roadmap for next year.

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