December 25, 2018 at 11:20PM


Barehand, sefie stick or gimbal, tell me your shooting style and why

Different people may have their individualized methods to shoot a video with their smartphone.
I think most people would choose to film barehand for obvious reasons. It’s super convenient and simple! Don’t forget it’s cost-free.
You may also ask yourself why should I take a sefie stick or a gimbal or whatever with me everywhere when I could just shoot videos with my own hands? On the flip side, however, the video quality may not be very satisfactory due to sweaty or shaky hands. So you just couldn’t have you cake and eat it, yet. Pity!
A few people may take some troubles and bring a sefie stick with them. It’s useful and inexpensive, just 20 bucks or something, right? When stretched out, it could offer vantage point with its height and help us catch precious and beautiful moments. But, you couldn’t see the screen while shooting a video. That’s a bit of uncool since you are not sure if the shooting angle and the light is good. Also, the selfie stick is not very convenient to operate when stretched out. Besides, it’s also shaky and unstable during shooting. Crap!
Yet some precious still few people may use a hand-held gimbal to shoot video. Cool! The footage is stable, check. The operation is easy, check. You could see the screen while shooting, check. The price is reasonable, check. Wait a minute! You mean 200 bucks or something price is reasonable? To others, it may be, but not me, ok? I’m not rich. 200 bucks is not reasonable at all and way too expensive.
If only the price could be within 100 bucks, then, I would probably, remind you, consider to buy it. Hooray!

Please share your style with me. You are more than welcome.

FIY: there is indeed a gimgal named MOZA Mini-mi that is priced within 100 bucks. And it may possibly, I say possibly, be the right one for you. You could judge it by yourself. The link is here:

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