October 23, 2016 at 9:33PM

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Best Lens for 4K Video with GH4

Obviously it's nice to have multiple lenses for different situations. However, if you had to choose one (micro 4/3) lens for shooting narrative films on the GH4 (without a speedbooster) in 4k what would you choose?

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Dude, there is no "better lens" there is the one you need and the one that fits the job.

In the end, I know that my answer will serve you for nothing. So here is a answer that would be more profitable to you:

It depends in the scope of what you call shooting narrative? If you're shooting action a long lense would be better. If you like shooting documentaries of humans, a 'normal lens' (50mm in vistavision format and around 35mm for cinema) is better as it would give you a more natural and neutral look.

Certain types of drama benefit from wide angle lenses. If you want a single lens serves all you should look to your favorite films and try to understand how/why they were shot with a certain lens.

October 26, 2016 at 2:37PM

Marco Carlucci
Director Screenwriter

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